My primary objectives as an artist are to address social injustice and to insert African American narratives where they have been omitted. I frequently find such spaces within the archaic realm of the idealized housewife and my work often incorporates vintage recipe cards, cookbooks and home decor manuals.
While I covet domestic ephemera, I consider myself 'undomesticated' and I depict my subjects breaking decorum in surreal settings, both inside and outside of the home. The untamed figures in my collages come from an expansive collection of midcentury African-American publications which I curated to serve as the foundation of my work. 
By layering vintage images, I scrutinize the limiting constructs of race and gender, bringing misrepresented and underrepresented people of color to the forefront. The resulting work is both socio-political and deeply personal. Through this visual conversation, I encourage viewers to recognize and take action against oppression. However, the call to action is often hidden behind smiles, so that only the attuned can hear it. Listen.
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